Rosh Grove is an emerging Toronto-based R&B/Pop artist who is known for smooth melodies and introspective lyrics. 


With a background in acting and a life-long dedication to storytelling through music (he’s been writing since he was only 11), Rosh's lyrics set the scene of turbulent relationships and the struggles he faces on the road to success. 


His lyrics are always matched with catchy choruses, R&B melodies, and memorable bass lines that fit easily alongside the likes of Khalid or The Weeknd. 


A multi-talented artist, Rosh has a diverse background as a songwriter, rapper, producer, and actor. His unwavering dedication to his art, and to the stories within it, draw you to keep listening while setting him apart from the crowd.




Toronto-based R&B recording artist releases debut EP

Rosh Grove releases his debut EP, The Story of First and Last


For Immediate Release

TORONTO, ON – Toronto Rap and R&B artist Rosh Grove is pleased to announce the release of his debut EP, The Story of First and Last, on November 30, 2017.


Formerly known as R.T.B.theWriter, this new project, called The Story of First and Last, introduces the artist to the world as Rosh Grove: the artist on a journey to achieve success despite the odds against him.


“It’s an introduction. It’s a way for people to come in and get to know me: to know what to expect, but also get them ready for what comes next,” says Rosh Grove. “I’m telling a story. It’s thoughtful. There is something someone can take away from it.”


The Story of First and Last features a mature and redefined Rosh Grove, presented in three chapters: The Good, The Sad, and The Sexy. The project will be released over a period of three weeks, and each chapter explores a side of Rosh Grove that has yet to be explored in his music, including his childhood experiences and his faith.


As a York University alumni, Rosh Grove is passionate about promoting the importance of education. He has worked in collaboration with Unity Charity and has acted in theatrical performances as part of Toronto’s Fringe Festival. Rosh Grove hopes to serve as a positive role model for his audience.


“I want to shape young minds without being a teacher. I want people to see that education is cool. You can treat your mom right and still go on the stage and kill it.”


The Story of First and Last is now available to stream on roshgrove.com.


“I’m untouchable. You can’t bring me down. No matter what you try to throw at me, I’ll find a way around it.”




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What made you want to start rapping?

I think it was just I was always searching for an art form to express myself. I found music to be the best tool to express myself: my anger, stress, happiness. It’s fun too – rap and R&B are genres that let you be so creative and people will like it. You can manifest your thoughts in different ways  - ways that are limited in other genres. The game has changed so much even in the last ten years. It’s mad fun to be apart of that.



With so many people being interested in pursuing music, what makes you stand out?

I would definitely say my passion and my drive. A lot of people see music as an avenue for fame and money. For me, when I do music I tell a story – there’s substance behind it. My tracks are created in a very thoughtful way; every song has something that someone can take away. I think that’s what sets me apart. 



Who are some of your biggest influences?

Definitely Lecrae, Nas, Jay-Z, Cam’ron, Kanye, Drake, The Weeknd. Even some rockstars – Kurt Cobain. Gospel, like Kirk Franklin. Hell, Ne-Yo is probably my biggest influence. Anyone who knows me knows that I love Ne-Yo. Even though I can’t sing like him, I try.


What story are you trying to tell?
I want people to know that you can make it despite any obstacle. I came from a background where I didn’t have money for piano or guitar lessons, or equipment. I never let that be an excuse to not try and do it. For me, if you have the passion and the drive and you’re hungry – do it. 



What are your next steps?
I want to establish my own entertainment company. My experience in York, especially trying to be an entertainer, [made me realize] it’s really hard for us as a community to be taken seriously for funding or jobs. If I can create something to make opportunities for myself, then maybe I can use that network and knowledge to help others like me.



What is the number one thing you want people to know about you in terms of why they should choose you?
If you choose me, you will always get substance. You’ll get something that will make you feel good that you clicked my link, visited my website, or came to my show.


What’s your background? What have you done before?
In school, I flip-flopped with my career path. I tried different genres before. I tried rock – I grew up on rock and roll, I’d be a rock-star but I didn’t have the voice for it. Then I tried to be a pop-star and that didn’t work out. Finally, I found my place in hip-hop. No one wakes up and knows “I know who I want to be today."



Subject: Rosh Grove: dreamer, believer, and soon-to-be achiever.


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With that said, you must take-in Rosh Grove's new EP, The Story of First and Last, for article consideration. 


Born and raised in Toronto, Grove is a rapper and R&B singer. His music tells a story of motivation despite adversity and passion for the art despite the heartbreak. His desire to create relatable and message-driven music differentiates him from other artists. 


Far from soft and gentle, Grove writes about the realities of living and grinding in the Toronto music scene.

He's honest, unapologetic and a creative writer and producer. 


Following multiple performances and two online album releases as R.T.B.theWriter, Grove has returned with a new maturity and renewed ambition. 


You can check out Rosh Grove's latest EP music on his website, or on his Soundcloud profile.


Feel free to let me know if you'd like to set up a time to talk with Grove.